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I'm Jeffy Thomas and I live in Philadelphia, PA with my wife and am surrounded by talent of various types.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2007 and a Master's in Interactive Design and Media in 2010. Though I have chosen to not directly pursue either of those fields, I am always looking for ways to combine all of my skills and further grow. I am very passionate about all things design and am in love with process oriented techniques. 

It started in late 2010 while I was working on an illustration, a friend joked that the way to fix a slip-up was to "just cut it out."  But that joke lit a lightbulb in my head.  Since then my interest in combining the process of storytelling, ink drawing, illustration and paper-cutting has grown exponentially.  Also since then my work has been displayed in local exhibitions as well as outdoor festivals.  I was also featured as Toasted Head Wine's, World of Winecraft artisan of the year

Creating by hand is very important to me.  Some, if not every aspect, of my paper-cutting and illustration artwork is hand made.  I do not enjoy starting any of my work digitally.  

Whenever a piece of art is created by hand, it shows so much of the creator's character and tells a little bit about their story. There is beauty in the perfection and imperfection.