For the past week or so I have been fighting a head cold and altogether unwell-ness, and all during this time still trying to give 100% at Cuttink and at my day job. The result was a very tired, and still unwell, Jeffy. The more tired I got, the less efficient I became at the tasks at hand. 

During my creative accountability meeting with @efdot (Eric) earlier this week, he stated something so simple that I couldn’t believe that I did not realize it myself. To paraphrase, he said “You are allowed to slow down, to rest so that you can get better and work on the many things that fuel you.” 

Wow! Right? How did I think that my to-do list could be more important than what my body is telling me?

If I run myself into the ground and am exhausted, the main person that I am letting down is myself. I need to stay healthy, energized and focused and do whatever it takes to be in that state.  So this week I just want to remind you all that it is okay to give yourself time to rest and recuperate so that you can get back to creating, writing, playing music, or whatever else you love.

Take the time to take care of yourselves, friends!

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