​Showing Up and Putting In the Work

Showing Up and Putting In the Work

Whenever I am going to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee, I normally start off by throwing the disc around for a while. At first my throws are really rusty — some crash directly into the ground, some don’t even go to the intended person. But as the throwing continues the rust wears off and my accuracy and ability improve. 

So often we approach our creative pursuits wanting the initial product to be an A+, 100%. There have been many times where I approach my sketchbook — my sketchbook, folks — and walk away because what I was starting to draw wasn’t “golden.” 

What is wrong with this picture? I am not even allowing myself to be free and draw whatever comes to my mind even in my sketchbook. Until a recent conversation with my friend Dan, a musician from The Tea Club, I never made the connection between how I prepare for Ultimate Frisbee and how to approach my creative pursuits. 

What I need to do is to “show up” first, even if I do not have a project already planned. Just sitting down and drawing or writing for a while helps me figure out what I’m trying to develop. I am realizing that without setting aside the time to create and write, I am not giving myself an opportunity to explore what is going on inside me. 

Let’s allow ourselves to embrace the process of digging through the rock to get to the gold.


New Work

A ink + watercolor illustration called "Bright Night" on watercolor paper. 



In other Cuttink news, a friend of mine mentioned to me that he noticed that ".ink" domains were available for purchase.  This was such awesome news that I in the middle of a party stopped what I was doing and purchased the two domain names below. 


Jeffy Thomas