Renewed Energy

Hey Friends,

Recap of the Chapterhouse Cafe and Gallery opening

Last time I checked in with you, I was getting new work ready for a show at Chapterhouse Cafe and Gallery in South Philadelphia. The opening was a wonderful experience. Many of you showed up and were amazingly supportive. Thank you! The show will remain up on the walls at the cafe for another two and a half months. If you find yourself by the cafe, stop by and check it out. 

When it came to pricing the pieces for the show, for the first time I decided to price the pieces for value instead of pricing them to sell. It was a difficult process.  In the past I had always priced my work on the lower end so that they would sell.  But the drawback to this scenario is that I never felt fulfilled or happy with letting go of the piece that had just sold.  I feel much better with the pricing of the pieces for this show. I realize that I want the people looking at it to value the piece as much as I do. I do myself an injustice by not communicating that value too.

Coming up soon 

On Saturday the 25th of April I will be at Go West Craft Fest in West Philadelphia with many other talented crafters from the area. If you have some time and are looking for something to do this weekend, then I hope you will consider coming to this. 

Also on May 9th and 10th (mother's day weekend) I will be at the Art Star Craft Bazzar on Penn's Landing, once again, with many other talented crafters and artists seeing our wares. By this event I will have new t-shirts and some new products ready to launch.  Keep your eyes peeled for more information about this.

Renewed Energy

While I was working on creating pieces for the show opening I re-realized that creating something on a consistent basis is so energy giving. It has put me in such a better mood and also given me momentum. The difficulty comes in maintaining this momentum that I have now. 

How am I going to use the momentum I have now? I am working on creating some new products and talking with the people who will be able to make these ideas and concepts come to life. I am excited to see them come to fruition and go through the process of it all. 

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