Hey Friends,

I am sorry for leaving you guys newsletter-less for the past couple weeks without any notice. I'm not happy that I allowed myself to do that and am working towards not allowing that to ever happen again. That said, let us get back on track.

What's happened during the last couple weeks?
It has been a busy couple of weeks here at Cuttink and on the personal side too. Many things have happened and there are a few exciting things that are in the works.

On May 9th and 10th Cuttink was at the largest craft fair, Art Star Craft Bazaar, we've been at.  Both days were awesome, filled with old friends, new friends, new connections and a lot more sales than I had anticipated.

Any new products?
I released a new t-shirt.  The 'Weather Through the Storm' tee. Each t-shirt is made with love and care. Waterbased ink -- so soft to the touch and no "thick ink" feel -- printed on Royal Heather Blue American Apparel tees. Each shirt has a hand sewn tag at the bottom and is packaged in a beautiful white box. 

The image on the t-shirt is very important to me as it reminds me that I need to always keep looking forward no matter how tough the 'now' is. The turbulent waves represent whatever hardships that you or I may be facing at this time. The moon, as all of you may know, is something that I consider to be beautiful and peaceful. Having the turbulent time set to a back drop of the moon serves as a reminder for me to 'ride the waves' and 'go with the flow'.  No matter how tough what I'm facing currently is, if I can weather through the turbulent waves, I will come out stronger and tougher.  

Check out the images below to see a few pictures of the t-shirt.

Below: The 'Weather Through the Storm' tee 

Thank you guys, once again, for being fantastic people and staying interested in what I write to you. 

Is there are any questions about ink drawing, paper cutting, t-shirt printing, packaging or design in general that you would like answered? please send me an email by hitting the 'reply' button.  I'd love to know what you guys would like to hear about.