Fred Rodriguez - Aesthetic Supply Co


I met Fred Rodriguez (Aesthetic Supply Co.) at Creative South and we had a conversation that I will never forget. We talked about family, faith and creativity. His passion for all of these things (and in that exact order) was so obvious it was as if it was the essence of his life. Let's talk about motivating. I've come back much more motivated to tackle being a husband, christian and a creative than I felt like I was before I left. I felt stuck two weeks ago and this conversation, one of the first conversations I had that evening, started me on my journey of re-fueling, learning, gaining energy and becoming motivated to pursue my passion. 

Fred creates amazing typography and illustrations. In this spread of the book you see the camera sticker along with some branding that I've incorporated into my illustrative papercutting.

If you guys have a minute, I would recommend checking Aesthetic Supply Co. out at . You won't be disappointed.