Something I've Realized I'm Lacking


As I look back at my old work and even my current work I notice that the one thing lacking is documentation of my process. I never really took the time in the past to take photographs, videos or even write about the process of each project and piece that I created. So for 2015 I want to make sure I create more and document every new piece. 

Steps I will take to document each piece

  • I will start taking ‘process’ pictures at set intervals while I work on the project
  • I will record video of the creation of the project (possibly multiple angles)
  • I will write up a case study on the more important projects to share with others


What this will allow me to achieve

When I look at many of the artists and creatives that I follow, the one thing I really enjoy more than the final piece they’ve created is the sneak peeks, teasers, write-ups, progress videos and pictures they’ve posted. 

I cannot get enough of these because they allow me to join the creative journey. I sometimes even learn new processes and applications. I was first drawn to ink art when I watched a short video of Si Scott creating one of his illustrations. It was no longer than 30 seconds of him drawing and a final shot of the finished piece, but those precious seconds were enough to educate me and hook me.

I want to do the same for someone else. Maybe I have something to share that someone else in the world is eagerly waiting for. 

What to look forward to

I am setting up my space to make it conducive to creating and taking photos and videos. At the moment I do not have a fancy video camera and will probably use my phone or a “point and shoot” camera to collect footage. I can upgrade equipment as I am able. I will also be writing case studies, as mentioned before, for the projects. 

I cannot wait to show you all what I will be working on. 

Finally, thank you for all of the responses to the Nature vs City question from my previous email. If you still want to respond, feel free to do so. It was great to hear from many of you. 

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.

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Jeffy Thomas