Accountability Matters

Hello Friends,

I have said this before and will say it again, I am very blessed to be surrounded by talented, passionate, knowledgable and good people. This has been monumentally helpful for me and I hope that you have this in your lives too. 


A few friends and I meet weekly to keep each other on track with our creative pursuits. I remember a few months before I decided to make this a regular action in my life thinking to myself that I did not need another person's help. I can keep myself on track and achieve all the goals I made for myself.

The problem with this was I never spent time checking in with myself about where I was going, was I hitting all of the goal I set or even did the direction and the steps I was taking make sense. I would keep moving deadlines simply because I did not complete tasks in time. I would round about steps simply because I did not see the effective option. Don't get me wrong. I was making forward progress, but just not at a pace I would have liked. So the current plan and trajectory was awfully ineffective and started to become frustrating

Having these meetings have helped me to stay focused. We have created a safe space at each meeting to catch up, talk about whether we've hit our goals, future direction, what we are creating, etc. Having these meetings with consistent regularity has made it possible for all of us to plug away at the work ahead of us and also see new directions or processes we may not have seen. 

I urge you to check in with yourself and with other people consistently. I really do feel this is a very important way in which we can all grow no matter what we are trying to do. Whether it is growing in your faith, creativity or business, we all need to be surrounded by people who are willing to be part of that journey with you and keep you focused. 

I would love to hear back from you about the processes that you have in place to keep you focused? Also, if you have any questions that you'd like me to tackle in my future posts, simply hit the 'reply' button. I love hearing from you. 

Did you know that I have pocket sized sketchbooks, notebooks and checklists?