People frequently ask me: why and how do I do it? “It” meaning the combination of drawing and cutting intricate and repetitious lines.  The simple answer? I need to. I have to.

I need and have to draw because it is one of the few things that I am able to do that is successfully meditative without having to visit some breathtaking location in the world. I am able to lose myself in each inch of the paper directly in front of me. 

Focusing on each breath as the pen lays ink onto the sheet, remembering to inhale and exhale.  Anticipating where the line needs to go. Embracing the bumps and waivers of my “straight” lines. Realizing and accepting that I am human. Savoring the analog aspect of each hand-drawn line in this digital age. As I draw each line I say a breath prayer. It becomes easy to get lost in the act of devising the story and structure of each piece. 

Is “it” easy? No. My art takes a lot of practice, time, and commitment. A lot of ink, paper and blades. Creating is the way I relieve anxiety, frustration and stress. Energy and excitement come from inside me to create something positive. The process of dreaming up something helps me to slow down and appreciate my own strengths. I’m able to pray and meditate away whatever is occupying my thoughts at that time and only focus on the work at hand. In the development stage it is easy for me to become hyper-focused on the details. I have learnt that I need to practice stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, making sure that the smaller elements relate to the broader view.

I’m learning to communicate artistically by incorporating process-oriented techniques such as screen printing, letterpress and paper cutting. These methods ensure the final product will be a thing of beauty, with unique details that reflect its handmade nature. This to me is exhilarating.

From this experience I recognize more about myself and my own capacity. I am a better person to be around. I hope that you, too, find your creative outlet. Each of us needs a healthy release and a way to care for ourselves. This will help bring beauty to a world that always needs more.

“Inspiration is one thing and you can’t control it, but hard work is what keeps the ship moving. Good luck means, work hard. Keep up the good work”.
— Kevin Eubanks

In the meantime, join me in exploring my own wild thoughts and visual stories. I invite you to bring your self into my journey. Let’s get connected.