I See You. I Hear You Project


The project begins now with the stickers and swag that I received at Creative South, GA 2016. But first, a confession...

One of the things I'm working on letting go this year is the fear of my sketches in my sketchbook not being perfect. I used to rip out pages because the sketch didn't look like a final piece. No more of that. Embracing the qualities and importance of recording the process no matter how sketchy it may look. 


So this project's genesis comes from listening to some talks at the Creative South conference and also as a result of the great conversations I had with people that I didn't know prior to arriving there.


I left Philadelphia for Columbus, GA with the hopes of gaining a few things such as turning friends I'd known online into people I'd begin to consider family. Support and accountability, opportunities to collaborate and most of all, learn. 

Oh man, did I find all of that or what! It was such an amazing experience and I don't think I'll miss any from here on out.


But prior to leaving Philadelphia, I was feeling stuck. In a creative rut and unable to begin anything. I was stuck in a little bit of a unhealthy funk of waking up late and going to bed late. But not really getting anything productive done in between.  I needed some energy. I needed some creative fuel. I was really hoping Creative South would deliver. Would it?


Of course it did! I met so many amazing people and was humbled by their humility and willingness to listen to me. Someone who was shy and still figuring out the direction they wanted to take their creative endeavor in. The people at the conference taught me what kind of person I wanted to be. 

I would say that I am coming back definitely refueled and ready to tackle the new direction that Cuttink is going to take (I'll be announcing that in the near future, before the end of May 2016). 


I hope you enjoy this journey we're about to embark on. I'm know I'm excited to learn about others and myself, stretch my limits and get uncomfortable. Hopefully you will enjoy this journey too :)

Here we go!