Feels so good

It’s been a little bit since I’ve drawn. Even just for myself as practice. It felt good to pick up my pen and this sketchbook I had been carrying for a while and draw in it.

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Hey Friends,

I am sorry for leaving you guys newsletter-less for the past couple weeks without any notice. I'm not happy that I allowed myself to do that and am working towards not allowing that to ever happen again. That said, let us get back on track.

What's happened during the last couple weeks?
It has been a busy couple of weeks here at Cuttink and on the personal side too. Many things have happened and there are a few exciting things that are in the works.

On May 9th and 10th Cuttink was at the largest craft fair, Art Star Craft Bazaar, we've been at.  Both days were awesome, filled with old friends, new friends, new connections and a lot more sales than I had anticipated.

Any new products?
I released a new t-shirt.  The 'Weather Through the Storm' tee. Each t-shirt is made with love and care. Waterbased ink -- so soft to the touch and no "thick ink" feel -- printed on Royal Heather Blue American Apparel tees. Each shirt has a hand sewn tag at the bottom and is packaged in a beautiful white box. 

The image on the t-shirt is very important to me as it reminds me that I need to always keep looking forward no matter how tough the 'now' is. The turbulent waves represent whatever hardships that you or I may be facing at this time. The moon, as all of you may know, is something that I consider to be beautiful and peaceful. Having the turbulent time set to a back drop of the moon serves as a reminder for me to 'ride the waves' and 'go with the flow'.  No matter how tough what I'm facing currently is, if I can weather through the turbulent waves, I will come out stronger and tougher.  

Check out the images below to see a few pictures of the t-shirt.

Below: The 'Weather Through the Storm' tee 

Thank you guys, once again, for being fantastic people and staying interested in what I write to you. 

Is there are any questions about ink drawing, paper cutting, t-shirt printing, packaging or design in general that you would like answered? please send me an email by hitting the 'reply' button.  I'd love to know what you guys would like to hear about. 

Accountability Matters

Hello Friends,

I have said this before and will say it again, I am very blessed to be surrounded by talented, passionate, knowledgable and good people. This has been monumentally helpful for me and I hope that you have this in your lives too. 


A few friends and I meet weekly to keep each other on track with our creative pursuits. I remember a few months before I decided to make this a regular action in my life thinking to myself that I did not need another person's help. I can keep myself on track and achieve all the goals I made for myself.

The problem with this was I never spent time checking in with myself about where I was going, was I hitting all of the goal I set or even did the direction and the steps I was taking make sense. I would keep moving deadlines simply because I did not complete tasks in time. I would round about steps simply because I did not see the effective option. Don't get me wrong. I was making forward progress, but just not at a pace I would have liked. So the current plan and trajectory was awfully ineffective and started to become frustrating

Having these meetings have helped me to stay focused. We have created a safe space at each meeting to catch up, talk about whether we've hit our goals, future direction, what we are creating, etc. Having these meetings with consistent regularity has made it possible for all of us to plug away at the work ahead of us and also see new directions or processes we may not have seen. 

I urge you to check in with yourself and with other people consistently. I really do feel this is a very important way in which we can all grow no matter what we are trying to do. Whether it is growing in your faith, creativity or business, we all need to be surrounded by people who are willing to be part of that journey with you and keep you focused. 

I would love to hear back from you about the processes that you have in place to keep you focused? Also, if you have any questions that you'd like me to tackle in my future posts, simply hit the 'reply' button. I love hearing from you. 

Did you know that I have pocket sized sketchbooks, notebooks and checklists?

Renewed Energy

Hey Friends,

Recap of the Chapterhouse Cafe and Gallery opening

Last time I checked in with you, I was getting new work ready for a show at Chapterhouse Cafe and Gallery in South Philadelphia. The opening was a wonderful experience. Many of you showed up and were amazingly supportive. Thank you! The show will remain up on the walls at the cafe for another two and a half months. If you find yourself by the cafe, stop by and check it out. 

When it came to pricing the pieces for the show, for the first time I decided to price the pieces for value instead of pricing them to sell. It was a difficult process.  In the past I had always priced my work on the lower end so that they would sell.  But the drawback to this scenario is that I never felt fulfilled or happy with letting go of the piece that had just sold.  I feel much better with the pricing of the pieces for this show. I realize that I want the people looking at it to value the piece as much as I do. I do myself an injustice by not communicating that value too.

Coming up soon 

On Saturday the 25th of April I will be at Go West Craft Fest in West Philadelphia with many other talented crafters from the area. If you have some time and are looking for something to do this weekend, then I hope you will consider coming to this. 

Also on May 9th and 10th (mother's day weekend) I will be at the Art Star Craft Bazzar on Penn's Landing, once again, with many other talented crafters and artists seeing our wares. By this event I will have new t-shirts and some new products ready to launch.  Keep your eyes peeled for more information about this.

Renewed Energy

While I was working on creating pieces for the show opening I re-realized that creating something on a consistent basis is so energy giving. It has put me in such a better mood and also given me momentum. The difficulty comes in maintaining this momentum that I have now. 

How am I going to use the momentum I have now? I am working on creating some new products and talking with the people who will be able to make these ideas and concepts come to life. I am excited to see them come to fruition and go through the process of it all. 

Recent Work

It's Showtime!



It is Thursday and I am starting to feel all of the 'feels'. I am nervous, excited, anxious and overly critical. Tomorrow is the opening of my show at Chapterhouse Cafe and Gallery and I am excited for my show to go up. I still have a few loose ends to tie up.  But at the same time I'm beginning to become overly critical of the work I've created for this show.  I am learning that staring at the work for a week or two straight without break is not helpful. I need to allow for my work to 'breath' and allow myself to step away from it. I am also realizing that we never stop learning, even from our own processes. 

I am going to keep this email short and I hope to see you guys out at the show's opening tomorrow.  For more information about it you can go to the show page.




An Invitation

You Are Invited

Hey friends,

So I am now officially a week and a day away from my first show of the year. If you are not sure what I am talking about and want to know about the events I will be participating in, go to cut.ink/eventsIf you would like to see what I have been working on lately you should stop by Chapterhouse Coffeeshop and Gallery at 620 S. 9th Street in Philadelphia.  The opening of the show will be on April 10th (Friday) from 7pm to 10pm and will remain up until June 9th. I hope to see you there!

What I am Struggling With

My Struggles

On a different note, I've been struggling through my busyness. Lately I find myself on a regular basis telling people that "I have been so busy".  Problem with this is that I do not have enough done for the show. I feel like this is a common struggle for a lot of us.  We get so caught up in the 'grind' that we forget to make time to do the things that we are actually passionate about.

Stay Organized and Clean

I realized that the reason I've also felt so busy and anxious about creating is that I did not create a safe and clean space to create in. This for me was a huge factor that slowed down my creative process and even kept me from generating art. I spent a majority of yesterday, after my day job, cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing my studio. This was long overdue. I cannot explain to you the huge difference it is making. My mind feels so clear and able to focus on the task at hand now instead of being distracted by the mess and disarray. I know where I can find everything I need and I know that when I am in my studio that it is 'go' time. 

Sleep and Rest

The other factor that was hindering from me creating well was lack of sleep and rest.  I had fallen into a habit of staying awake till 12am to 1 am and then going to bed. This was not helpful to me as I always want to wake up early and do some creative work but have such a hard time waking up. Recently my accountability partner Eric Friedensohn of Efdot studio during our meeting quoted Sean McCabe's podcast "a productive day starts with the night before." WOW! That is so true.  I need to get myself together and set better practices the night before to help me when I wake up to be creatively productive. Set two or three things that I HAVE to get done. Wake up and tackle that before I do anything else, after I've gotten a full night's sleep. The clarity that I have a after my initial grogginess is amazing. I have not yet gotten distracted by the worlds stresses or looked at my phone and therefore am able to give a 100% of my focus to the tasks at hand.  

So having a cleaner studio space and resting are two practices that I am putting into place to combat my constant feeling of anxiety from the lack of art and busyness. 

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Even the people whom we admire have the same amount of time. (Another thing I heard on Sean McCabe's podcast. The podcast has a lot of good stuff and you guys should give it a try).

What are the practices that you have in place to combat the busyness you may be feeling? Are these real struggles for you? Write back if you are comfortable. I would love to hear from you guys. 




Something I've Realized I'm Lacking


As I look back at my old work and even my current work I notice that the one thing lacking is documentation of my process. I never really took the time in the past to take photographs, videos or even write about the process of each project and piece that I created. So for 2015 I want to make sure I create more and document every new piece. 

Steps I will take to document each piece

  • I will start taking ‘process’ pictures at set intervals while I work on the project
  • I will record video of the creation of the project (possibly multiple angles)
  • I will write up a case study on the more important projects to share with others


What this will allow me to achieve

When I look at many of the artists and creatives that I follow, the one thing I really enjoy more than the final piece they’ve created is the sneak peeks, teasers, write-ups, progress videos and pictures they’ve posted. 

I cannot get enough of these because they allow me to join the creative journey. I sometimes even learn new processes and applications. I was first drawn to ink art when I watched a short video of Si Scott creating one of his illustrations. It was no longer than 30 seconds of him drawing and a final shot of the finished piece, but those precious seconds were enough to educate me and hook me.

I want to do the same for someone else. Maybe I have something to share that someone else in the world is eagerly waiting for. 

What to look forward to

I am setting up my space to make it conducive to creating and taking photos and videos. At the moment I do not have a fancy video camera and will probably use my phone or a “point and shoot” camera to collect footage. I can upgrade equipment as I am able. I will also be writing case studies, as mentioned before, for the projects. 

I cannot wait to show you all what I will be working on. 

Finally, thank you for all of the responses to the Nature vs City question from my previous email. If you still want to respond, feel free to do so. It was great to hear from many of you. 

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.

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Jeffy Thomas


I'm grateful for you!


I want to start off by apologizing for writing to you later than I usually do. This week has been a difficult one. I am sick, taking care of myself and hoping to be better soon. 

During this "down" time I was thinking about how grateful I am to all of you who read the newsletters that are sent out. I've received many responses from you and that is very encouraging. I've also had some very insightful and amazing email conversations with you.   

If there are any topics that you'd like me to tackle, feel free to respond to this email with them and I'll tackle that topic in an upcoming newsletter.  

I hope that you are doing well and thawing from the winter season we just had and are looking forward to the new-ness of spring. 

Nature vs. City

Not so long ago I drew and cut this piece and I'm really proud of it. There is a lot of detail and time that went into it.  What kind of person do you feel like you are, nature or a city person? 

Jeffy Thomas